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A tropical sunrise (before they said "I do") - Riviera Maya, Mexico

Danielle & Mikey's Tropical Pre-Wedding Portrait Session in the Riviera Maya, Mexico

Giving my couples extra portrait sessions during their destination wedding is my favorite! Because when you book your dream destination wedding in a vacation spot like the Riviera Maya in Mexico, everyone knows you are there for more than just your wedding day! Having a fun and romantic portrait shoot during one of those extra days is what all your friends who had traditional weddings missed out on - beautiful photos where the real romance got good: the honeymoon destination! My couples dress up and can just have fun being with each other, because at a destination wedding, there is no last-minute event planning. And because we are in a scenic area with opportunities for adventure, we can get photographs of you and your sweetheart that make you look like exotic magazine models. (And you know those baby days are around the corner, so now's your shot!)

With Danielle and Mikey, we captured a gorgeous pre-wedding day sunrise session during their stay at NOW Sapphire Resort in Mexico's Riveira Maya. This gorgeous Chicago couple felt like they were on another planet with this warm, tropical wedding in the Caribbean. There were swings at the beach bar, palm trees lining the path, and... just looking at these photos in January has me warming up all over again. Take a look yourself, and maybe you'll start to feel a little bit of that warm Mexican sun too!

Second shooter for Ashley Nicole Photography


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