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Maria & Falin's Rustic-Elegant Farm Wedding - Hermitage Hill Farm - Waynesboro, VA

I actually did not get to officially meet Maria and Falin until the DAY of their wedding. We had started planning from different cities and mostly corresponded via e-mail, so I knew they were cool but had no idea just how fun they really were! These two just keep each other (and everyone else) laughing constantly :) Plus they are dancing fools! (More on that in a bit!)

Maria and Falin had a beautiful rustic-elegant wedding at the Hermitage Hill Farm in the rolling hills of Waynesboro, Virginia. When I arrived at the venue, I was in awe of the scenery! The Blue Ridge mountains made for a beautiful backdrop for the farm venue that's filled with horses, ready to greet you at the fence. Maria said one reason she chose Hermitage Hill Farm as her venue was because of the horses! She wanted to make sure to capture a shot or two with them.

When it came time for their ceremony, everything appeared to be happening know, the groom WALKS down the aisle, then the bridesmaids, then the bride and her dad...but boy was I in for a surprise! A slow song began as Falin started walking down the aisle towards the altar. That song quickly switched to a super energetic dance song and he started busting out some moves, dancing all the way down the aisle! (I had not been informed that this was happening, which made it even better!) Following him were his parents, busing out their moves, and finally Maria and her dad! After a beautiful ceremony inside of the barn, with horses in the BACKGROUND, Maria and Falin said "I do" and continued the dance party back up the aisle to their reception!

The epic dancing seriously did not stop the rest of the night! I had so much fun watching and laughing at all of the craziness. The wedding planners, Saprena and Greg, even joined everyone on the dance floor and had a dance off! I'm not going to say who won (but maybe you can tell from the photos!)

On a more serious note, though, Maria made the most beautiful speech to her parents during toasts, thanking them for all of their support in her life and for funding her dream wedding. After a few shared tears, she dedicated a dance to them. The night went on with lots and lots more dancing and ended with some purple flower petals and a few final moves from Maria and Falin down their exit line. Congratulations to this beautiful couple! May you lives together be filled with much more laughter and epic dances together!

Thanks to the wonderful vendors:

Officiant | Diane Hirsch

Wedding Planner | Once Upon A Time Events

Catering | Hanks Smokehouse

Cake & Cupcakes | Sweethause 


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