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What To Wear For Your Engagement Photos

Danielle & Brandon's Wedding at Celebrations at the Reservoir in Richmond, VA

Congratulations! You’re engaged! This is one of the most special seasons you’ll share with your significant other and I hope you enjoy every minute of it! Having an engagement photo session can be a super fun way to capture who you are as a couple, plus you can use your photos for your Save the Dates and other wedding announcements!

Don’t worry if you’ve never done a professional photoshoot before. For many couples, engagement sessions are their first ever photography sessions and they have no idea what to expect or how to prepare. That’s why I’m here to help guide you with some easy tips on how to prepare and what to wear so you’ll feel like yourselves and love how you look in your photos!

Consider your location

Engagement photo sessions are some of the most fun kinds of photos sessions you’ll do because you get to be 100% you. They’re also relaxed, you get to do something fun together and you have full permission to get as playful as you want! When considering what to wear, it’s good to first consider the location you’ll be having your session. The location of your shoot can really set the stage for your look. Will you be having your session at the beach? On a mountain top? At a park? Or are you into a more urban feel? For example, if you’re having your photos done in the Fall out in the autumn leaves at a park, a cozy knit sweater and jeans might be the perfect option. If you’ll be up on a mountain top or at the beach, a flowy skirt or dress can look AMAZING! Make sure to consider how you’ll be getting around your location as well. If you plan to wear heals, make sure to bring a back-up pair of shoes for walking through grass, sand or over rocks!

What’s your style?

So, these photos are all about you two! Consider what your style of clothing is or perhaps what the theme of your wedding will be if you want to match that. If you both like to dress it up on a regular basis, you might consider wearing a coordinating outfit that is a bit more dressy, like him in a suit and her in a dress. Maybe your style is a little more casual? That’s cool too! Jeans and boots with a nice blouse for her paired with some nice jeans or slacks and a button down for him can look great! You also don’t have to stick to just one outfit each. Many times couples bring 2-3 outfits for their session. Maybe one or two more formal outfits and a casual outfit.

A pop of color or a pattern

Bright, bold colors photograph so well and really make your photographs pop! Consider a bold skirt or blouse, or perhaps some bold shoes to match a more neutral outfit. I don’t recommend that your entire outfit be bold, rather just one element in your outfit. If your man or lady wants to wear a pop of color too, make sure they are coordinating. For example, if she wants to wear a hot pink skirt, he could wear a hot or light pink tie to match. A patterned shirt or blouse with neutral pants can look very nice as well! Just make sure the pattern is not too tiny and detailed. Sometimes small patterns can look funky on camera!

Wear something that flatters your body

One of the most important things to consider when picking outfits for your engagement session is to pick something that will be the most flattering on your body and be something that will make you feel relaxed and confident! Women, heals are always a great option for giving you a little lift and length in your legs and pair nicely with a flowy skirt, dress or even jeans! Fitted button down shirts can look great on guys! Just make sure, whatever you end up choosing, that it fits well and you’re able to move easily in it without it riding up, etc. Test out your outfits. For example, if that shirt looks a little too small on you and when he lifts you up, your stomach shows (unless you want it to!), don’t wear it. :)

Don’t be too matchy matchy

When planning out your outfits, it’s great to coordinate but not match. You don’t want to look like twins but you do want your looks to be balanced. For example, you don’t need to wear the exact same color, but you could consider wearing outfits within the same color family, like dark blue and light blue together. It’s also important to be as dressy as the other person. So, if she’s wearing an elegant dress, he should be just as dressy.

Remember to iron!

Make sure that your dress, pants, shirts and blouses are ironed or free of wrinkles before your shoot! Wrinkles WILL show up and do not look good in photos. It’s definitely worth taking a few minutes the night before your engagement session to do a little ironing or steaming of your outfits!

Be the best version of you

Engagement sessions are meant to be fun and a reflection of you as a couple! You want to look your best but don’t need to dress up so much that it isn’t you or you don’t feel comfortable. In the end, you should feel like the best version of yourselves!

If you don’t feel like a pro with your make-up, engagement sessions can be a great time to have a “trial” with your wedding day make-up artist. It is true that a little more dramatic make-up and hair will photograph better!

Need some outfit inspiration?

I hope this article was helpful in getting you thinking about your theme and outfits for your engagement session! The most important thing is just to remember to be you :)

Just in case you need some more visual inspiration for outfits, I created a Pinterest board with some great outfit ideas based on season! Check it out here:


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